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Frayed Threads Mending

3/23: *Tickets Available* Intro to Felting & Darning with Frayed Threads Mending

3/23: *Tickets Available* Intro to Felting & Darning with Frayed Threads Mending

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When: Saturday, March 23rd, 10-1pm

Tickets available:

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Difficulty Level: No experience necessary


This will be a relaxed and approachable workshop suitable for beginners to learn how to repair your clothing or other textiles using felting or darning techniques. These are some of the simplest techniques to repair your clothing. 

Do you have a stack of socks that all have the same pesky hole in the toe? Or a sweater that has been attacked by moths? This class will give these items a new lease on life and help keep them in your wardrobe. 

Learning to mend can help you save money and reduce your impact on the environment! The most sustainable clothes are the ones already in your closet.
What you get (stuff you get to keep from the class): 
- Darning Needle 
- Embroidery Needle 
- Felting Needle 
- Small bundle of wool roving 
- Small card of darning yarn for your project 
- Knitwear sample, if needed 
- Printed hand out 

Provided by Studio (stuff that stays here): 
- Scissors 
- Darning egg, mushroom or substrate for darning and felting 
- Thimbles 

What to Bring: 
- An item or items of clothing that you’d like to repair. For felting this could be a sweater, sock, knit hat or wool jacket. For darning this could be any of the options listed for felting or anything else that has a rip or hole you’d like to fill. 
- If you don’t have something you’d like to bring, a knitwear sample can be provided.


Rachel Weigelt is the owner and operator of Frayed Threads Mending in northeast Seattle, where she offers textile mending and tailoring services. She will walk you through the steps to repair your garments with needle felting and darning techniques. We’ll also explore options for creative, visible mending to add a little extra flare! 


Summit Selvage is located on the corner of 1432 12th Ave and Pike St in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The entrance door code for the 12th Ave side will be sent out before class. The space is down the stairs and the last door on your left. The basement is shared with dance studios, and has unisex bathrooms on the third floor. Parking is a big challenge, but luckily we're 1 block from the 2, 12, and 11 bus stops, as well as .5 miles from the lightrail station.

Covid: Masks are currently recommended 

Ticket Policy: Your receipt is your ticket. Let me know if you're unable to make the class as soon as possible! Full refunds given up until 2 weeks before class time, class credit given two weeks to two days before class time.

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